Selecting the Perfect Foam Mattress

Picking the ideal mattress is without a doubt among the most vital choices you might ever make for your health. It is important because you will spend a third of your life sleeping and those hours are necessary for your body to rest, recover and function properly. A bad mattress can disrupt your sleep and cause pain and discomfort in your body.

The best memory foam mattress for your needs can help you get that sleep.


What Makes Foam a Good Choice

Foam mattresses are durable, long lasting and offer superior comfort. Memory foam responds to the warmth and pressure of your body, contouring directly to your position for personalized support that alleviates pressure on your joints and allows your muscles to relax.

Find out if the bed you’re looking at is actually safe:

Foam mattresses are made from layers of different types of foam. The top layer is the softest and most responsive to temperature and pressure, which makes the mattress comfortable, while the firmer, denser layers below create a solid foundation.


Density Matters

As you shop, pay attention to density numbers. Memory foam is measured by the weight per cubic foot with a higher number resulting in a firmer mattress. Ideally, you want a mattress rated between 4 and 5 pounds per cubic foot. Anything lower and the foam may compress too easily and wear out quicker. Anything higher and the mattress may be too firm to be comfortable.


Your mattress may contain different densities to take advantage of the firmness and long-lasting qualities of higher density foam at the core of the mattress and the comfort of lower density foam, typically between 3 to 4.5 pounds, on the surface for more comfort.


Finding the Best One

The best memory foam mattress for you depends on your preferences for density and materials. Memory foam was initially made from petroleum byproducts but now can be crafted from plant-based oils, at least partially. If you are concerned about chemical emissions or prefer eco-friendly products, this type of memory foam may be a good option.


You should also be aware that traditional memory foam tends to retain heat because of its dense structure and how tightly it molds around your body. For a cooler memory foam, look for one that is infused with liquid gel or has a layer of gel beads.