Be an Educated Mattress Shopper

No one loves homework but a little homework can go a long way when it comes to shopping for a mattress. It’s important to know what types of mattress are available and how they may work for you.

Here’s what you need to know to get started.



Innerspring mattresses have long been a popular standard in the mattress industry. The interior of the mattress is a grid of coils, which can provide good support but it may not be a form-fitting support.



Latex mattresses providevarying levels of firmness and offer excellent support. Latex contoursto the body, eliminating pressure points. Latex mattresses are well constructed with fewer chemicals and can be sourced naturally from rubber trees.

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Gel mattresses have become an increasingly popular option and comparable qualities to latex. Gel alleviates pressure points too. It can enhance comfort and promote a deep sleep. Gel is also non-toxic and will not show as much wear or lose its flexibility.


Memory Foam

Memory foam works similar to latex, however, it is made from layers of foam in different densities that react to body temperature and weight. Memory foam can be a great option for individuals with muscle discomfort or chronic fatigue. Memory foam can retain heat though.