An Excellent Mattress Makes for an Excellent Day

It’s difficult to do your best and focus when you haven’t sleep well. Magnify that by days or weeks of restless nights and you may be feeling the affects of sleep deprivation.

Your body needs sleep to perform a variety of functions, not just to ensure that you wake up rested and refreshed. Consistent sleep enables your body to maintain its metabolic process and release the proper hormones at the proper time, aids in weight loss and provides energy.


All these health-sustaining benefits come from three basic actions: going to bed, getting comfortable so you can fall asleep and staying comfortable so you can remain asleep.


How’s that Mattress Working for You?

If you can’t get to sleep, stay asleep or are waking up with pain and stiffness, you may need a new mattress. Even if your mattress appears to be in good shape — no springs sticking out or poking you — it may not be the best fit for your body or your needs.


A mattress that fits your favorite sleeping position and offers your body comfortable support to alleviate pain can improve your sleeping life.


Where to Shop

You can find the best mattress for you by shopping online or at a brick-and-mortar store. There are pros and cons to both. Online, you can easily and quickly look at hundred of mattresses, read reviews, look at specifications and do side-by-side comparisons. But you can’t touch or lay on a mattress, thus buying online can be a good option if you are familiar with the type of mattress you want.


In a store, though, you can lay on mattresses with your partner and see how each one reacts to your body and motion. You may also benefit from talking with a knowledgeable sales staff that specializes in mattresses and knows the industry.


You can also shop online and in person to take advantage of the pros of each and eliminate the cons.